House of Stance

Based in Sydney, Australia and founded in mid-2012, House of Stance is a car club that has a love for scraping oil pans and breaking necks whether we’re rolling static or on air. Pushing boundaries, we are dedicated to help put Australia on the map in terms of extreme fitment and quality stance. Not many people may agree or understand the sense in modifying a car this way, but for us it’s all about the laid-back lifestyle.

We have all come a long way from being just a car club. We consider ourselves a family, a close knit group of friends. We all love to have a good laugh and most of the time we never take many things seriously besides our cars. At the end of the day, we’re just a bunch of friends that have each others’ backs and maintain a common ground in modifying cars.


For co-founders/owners Mike Tu and Chook Tran, HoS originally started with a couple of good high school friends who had a strong passion in modified cars. They spent most of their late nights tinkering with each others’ cars and going for cruises to their local car wash or coffee joint. At the time, Mike with his Honda EK Civic hatch and Chook with his Mazda NA MX5 started to attend some meets. After catching the attention of some people and hours of chit chatting, they made some new friends and started to realise there were more people into fitment and stance in Australia than they originally thought.

Heavily influenced by the US car scene, they noticed a lot of international car crews that were known around the world and thought to themselves, “Why not start our own crew and showcase to the world what we can do?” The idea was brought up to people who displayed good attitude and were capable of building quality street cars. As individuals we all have the potential to excel when building cars, but having a support group like House of Stance we were able to push beyond our limits and boundaries.