Liberty Walk night @ Queen St Customs

Written by Martin Tadros
Photography by Justin Sung

After the end of Motorex 2015, I’m sure for those that attended felt some withdrawals especially after seeing the quality that was on display this year. One stand in particular was the Liberty Walk stand, showcasing all the LBW cars from around Australia. Since they were already in Sydney, the guys at QSC thought why not and have a Liberty Walk Showcase at their shop in Revesby for those that missed on witnessing one of Japan’s finer contributions to the car scene.

Moe told us to get to the shop a bit early before the crowd arrived to ensure some clean air and to allow Justin to do his thing. After being teased from the countless online photos of Liberty Walk cars from around the world, it was truly a site to see Australia’s very own Liberty Walks showcase all under one roof. QSC being a smash repairer meant their shop lighting was on point allowing for Justin and his trusty Nikon to work their magic, producing some high quality photos.

Whether it was the SUNUS Motorsports M3, Mode Auto Concepts M3, GU Auto Concepts GTR or QSC’s very own Lambo or GTR, they all received the attention they deserved. By 7pm the shop was full house with people everywhere even extending out to the footpath. We were glad QSC left the rest of the shop open to see some of their other cars including the widebody C63 AMG and the Concept Garage Evo.

If the Liberty Walks showcase night was an indication for anything, the widebody/over-fender bodykit trend is hitting off in Australia, and we at HoS ain’t complaining at all!

We thank Moe and QSC  for hosting an awesome night, and for the guys from SUNUS Motorsports, Mode Auto Concepts, GU Auto Concepts and Kato-san and the Liberty Walks Crew for staying in Sydney a little longer to showcase their work.