ClubITR Annual BBQ 2014

Written by Justin Sung
Photography by Justin Sung

On Sunday, the Honda-loving folks at ClubITR held their annual end-of-year BBQ meet in Lane Cove National Park.   For the past couple of years, ClubITR has organised this community meet in conjunction with Cars For Hope in an effort to give back and raise awareness for those suffering from the “silent killers”, i.e. depression, anxiety and self-injury.  With thanks to all the generous sponsors, a raffle was held at the end of the meet with prizes ranging from a free track day at Wakefield Park to photo shoots and apparel, and of course all proceeds went to Cars For Hope.

It was a scorcher of a Sunday with temperatures reaching up to 40+ degrees Celsius, but cars kept turning up throughout the afternoon. Thankfully there were plenty of shade and ice-cold water available to keep everyone hydrated and as the community mingled with each other.

We hope you enjoy the photo coverage of the day, as there were a decent variety of cars!

Hondas everywhere!

Evos and WRXs were also present.

Shak’s clean Mugen-kitted DC5R.

You don’t see CD Accords too often, especially Sugi’s example slammed on BBS RS.

Another Mugen kitted DC5.

Clean EF8 spotted at the entrance. I’m guessing it has a B16 swap?

For the Initial D fans.

Cars were continuously rolling in throughout the day despite the heat.

Voltex goodness.

S2000 duo.

Clean 180SX on Regamasters.

Victor’s EP3 sitting on some rare polished Regamasters.

The third Mugen-kitted DC5.

Ending the day with the raffle draw.