[RAW Works] Jordan’s VS-XX

Written by Raymond Chan
Photography by Raymond Chan

Jordan contacted me through the RAW Works’ FB page about sprucing up his Work VS-XX for his Mk5 GTI.  Having split VS-XXs before, I knew it would be similar to rebuilding BBS RS so I took it on.

 photo IMG_1649.jpg

They came in decent condition but up close you could see some marks and chips.

 photo IMG_1650.jpg

 photo IMG_1651.jpg

 photo IMG_1652.jpg

 photo IMG_1653.jpg

 photo IMG_1654.jpg

Slight scuffs in the centrecaps. They can be wetsanded down from a fine grit and buffed out with plastic polish to bring them back to new condition, the same way you would polish metal.

The fronts and rears ran a different “disked” centre; the fronts had bigger brake clearance than the rears, but also meant the fronts must run a smaller lip to achieve similar widths/offsets.

 photo IMG_1655.jpg

Front centre with the bigger brake clearance.

New bolts were supplied from Jordan; they were gold-plated Work bolts.  Nice touch with the Work inscriptions on the shoulders of the bolts.

 photo IMG_1657.jpg

Disassembling were similar to RS, but were actually a lot easier to knock the pieces apart as the sealant didn’t stick them together and obviously they’re not as old.

 photo IMG_1669.jpg

Note the difference in height with the centres; big brake clearance on the taller ones, bigger lip capability on the shorter ones.

Note that the original lips all had a larger bore for one of the bolt holes.  They were exactly opposite to the valve stem opening.  Perhaps this is to aid in wheel balancing?

 photo IMG_1672.jpg

Typical of Work to have the centres engineered with air pockets, most likely for weight reduction.  These were similar to my Work Rezax.

 photo IMG_1673.jpg

Ended up taking the centres and lips to Magman to get them done in Jordan’s choice of white centres and polished lips.  Didn’t take anymore photos beyond this point until I delivered them to Jordan in Canberra during the German Auto Display weekend.

 photo IMG_1885.jpg

 photo IMG_1886.jpg

 photo IMG_1884.jpg