GAD 2014

Written by Raymond Chan
Photography by Raymond Chan

Last weekend, the annual German Auto Display event graced the National Library lawns of Canberra. Previous years have always been held inside the carpark which was a bit drab and lifeless, but fortunately the weather held up the past week in Canberra and so the lawns were dry enough for a car show to be had. I remember my very first GAF (used to be called German Auto Fest) was held at the lawns and it was a great car show to go to, due to the quality of vintage German cars from the likes of Volkswagen, Audi (and NSU), BMW, Mercedes Benz and Porsche.

The variety wasn’t as great as previous years (noticing a lack of vintage Porsches and BMWs compared to previous years) but it still made for a beautiful, peaceful Sunday.

Not many photos were snapped as I took it easy on the day, catching up with the interstaters.

 photo IMG_1869.jpg

 photo IMG_1870.jpg

 photo IMG_1871.jpg

 photo IMG_1872.jpg

Anth’s TDI with some freshly self-rebuilt Autostrada Modenas. Crazy phat from the rear!

 photo IMG_1873.jpg

Look at the grass reflecting off the lip!

 photo IMG_1876.jpg

 photo IMG_1878.jpg

Old man didn’t like what he saw…

 photo IMG_1880.jpg

Jordan’s GTI sitting on RAW Works-rebuilt VS-XX. RAW Works feature to come soon.

 photo IMG_1888.jpg

James made a late entrance!

 photo IMG_1893.jpg

 photo IMG_1895.jpg

 photo IMG_1896.jpg

 photo IMG_1897.jpg

And here are some other photos.

 photo IMG_1890.jpg

 photo IMG_1891.jpg

 photo IMG_1892.jpg

 photo IMG_1898.jpg

 photo IMG_1899.jpg

 photo IMG_1901.jpg

 photo IMG_1904.jpg

 photo IMG_1905.jpg

 photo IMG_1908.jpg

 photo IMG_1906.jpg

 photo IMG_1909.jpg

 photo IMG_1910.jpg

 photo IMG_1911.jpg


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