[RAW Works] Project ACS

Written by Raymond Chan
Photography by Raymond Chan

Last year, Jhaymes had came to me about rebuilding his AC Schnitzer Type I wheels.  Manufactured by OZ Racing at around the same time as their Futura, Mito, Pegasus etc., these used the same lips and barrels (easily searched up and verified with many sources).  These arrived in 17″ and so used the 35-hole hardware which I could get in.

The sizings listed on the wheels were the same (17×8 ET33) but strangely, the rear two were actually 17×8.5.  After disassembling and measuring them up, the lips were the same size (at 1.5″) but the inners were 6.5″ for the front pair, 7″ for the rear (thus the calculated offset for the rear pair were 17×8.5 ET39).

These wheels were rear mounted; unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of the centres (I should have!) but the rear section of the centres didn’t have a lip on them to allow an inner barrel to sit in place, therefore these wheels can only be rear mounted.  As you can imagine, the front locating lip was large to enable both the inner and outer lip to be able to locate on the centre.

Another strange thing I came across was that one of the centres had a different brake caliper profile compared to the other three.  Again I didn’t take photos of this but it would’ve been extremely easy to explain with the photos… Anyway, one of them had a straight profile running from the mounting surface to the spokes, whereas the other three had a curved profile (what you would normally see on a wheel).  That said, all three provided the same caliper clearance and so would produce the same offset if running the same outer lip and inner barrel hardware, so it wasn’t a huge deal.  Just worth mentioning.

Anyway, they came to me with plenty of brake dust (aluminium eater) and a bit of gutter rash.

 photo IMG_1146.jpg

 photo IMG_1147.jpg

 photo IMG_1148.jpg

It looked like the lips had been previously stripped and polished (possibly done at the same time as previous repairs, see below), which didn’t help with the corrosion.  The original lips had pitting everywhere.

 photo IMG_1149.jpg

Fat welds and buckle repair done on at least one of the barrels.

 photo IMG_1152.jpg

One had this layer of silicon over the inner bead circumference.

 photo IMG_1151.jpg

Cutting and cleaning old silicon off, one of the most tedious parts of rebuilding a 3-piece set of wheels.

Two centrecaps were hastily glued in.  Unfortunately, everytime the wheels need balancing these will need to be popped off.

 photo IMG_1150.jpg

After a trial fit, a decision was made to keep the front lips the same, but redo the the rears a bit more wider with 3″ lips.

With thanks to Barrel Bros from Milperra, the lips had to be resurfaced due to all the pitting.  The best two were picked out but they still had a lot of pitting that could not be taken out (too much metal would have been taken off to remove them).  Up close it’s a lot easier to see the imperfections but stand just a metre away and they don’t look too bad.

 photo IMG_1172.jpg

 photo IMG_1176.jpg

Gold bolts were purchased (original bolts had been replaced with allen bolts possibly during its first repair and they were a horrible fit for these wheels), as well as the 3″ lips.  I made the suggestion to fit the rear (wider) inner to the front to bring the stagger down a little bit (would have been a 8″ front and 10″ rear).

Big 17″ lips are always impressive to look at.  I hadn’t done a set since Kennedy’s way back in 2012.

 photo IMG_1163.jpg

 photo IMG_1169.jpg

 photo IMG_1164.jpg

 photo IMG_1168.jpg

And photos of them on his 1-series.

Photo credit to Anthony Todorovitch.

 photo 1606217_622296691175128_116928737_o.jpg

Photo credit to Divine Media (google for Flickr page).

Final specs were 17×8.5 ET39 for the fronts (essentially the old rear setup) and 17×9.5 ET14.