Halfway Hangs 2014 – Part 2 – Drift Day

Written by Raymond Chan
Photography by Justin Sung and Tony Sol Han

Saturday was drift day and in true House of Stance fashion, we slept past the starting time of 10am.  After some quick showers and finishing off the left-over pizzas from the night before, we made the short journey to Raleigh Raceway.  For those that make the turn-off in towards the race track in the future, just a word of warning that it is NOT low friendly.  Some guys opted to park a fair distance away from the track to avoid the dust-ridden pothole-infested gravel road leading towards the circuit.  We couldn’t be bothered walking really…

Alex’s all black E36 was so mean!

Raleigh Raceway had a true grass-roots vibe to it.  The natural surroundings were largely untouched; tall eucalypts towered around the track and even a little pond was left untouched in the middle of it all.  From watching many Japanese drift videos, I personally thought Raleigh Raceway had a very similar feel to Japan’s Ebisu Circuit.  I’ve not been to Japan let alone Ebisu Circuit so the accuracy of my comparison may not be true at all, but all the surrounding trees and shrubbery and the lack of corporate advertising around the track really make Raleigh Raceway a different but relatively relaxed racing venue.

We perched ourselves up on the hill closest to the long, sweeping uphill right-hander which caught some very impressive drifting from the participants, some linking it all the way to the corkscrew where the drifting section ended.

So cool to see this S14 on small 15s drifting around the track!

What a weapon. V8 ITBs on MCA’s drift 370Z. Sounded tits!

The Sileighties were a personal favourite of mine!

Nathan Petta had a go in his Datto and boy was it fun to watch the short wheelbase skidding around!

Justin and a few of the boys went to grab some lunch from the kiosk near the pit area and he caught some awesome photos of the cars drifting through the S-hairpin.

So cool to watch the tandems!

This 180SX was incredible to watch as it powered through every single corner with enough smoke to fill an 80s disco room!

Remember the Forester from the Part 1 article?

Some of the tandems were amazingly close!

Halfway King Hilton bakin’ it for us!

All-in-all, it was an amazing experience during the Halfway Hangs weekend.  Touching base with the Queensland guys was great and it was good to see that no matter where we live, we all have common interests (and party habits).  Every one of us enjoyed it immensely and we all cannot wait for next year’s, hopefully with a car we can take on the track built by one of the boys!

Heaps more photos uploaded by Justin and Tony, check out their respective Flickrs and make sure you follow them!





















But wait, there’s more!

Bloody Toe-knee finished his set of photos after we published Part 1 so some of his Show & Shine photos didn’t make the cut, so here are some of them.

Sup Zak

Zender Turbos!

Thanks Tone, I like this shot a lot mate.

Thanks heaps Toni.

Hope you guys enjoyed our coverage of Halfway Hangs!