Halfway Hangs 2014 – Part 1 – Show and Shine

Written by Raymond Chan
Photography by Justin Sung

We’ll keep this short, as there’s only so many words one can use to describe the weekend that passed this early February.

The cool cats at Streetkarnage had the initial idea of organising an event halfway between Sydney and Brisbane; an amazing idea conceptually, but logistically and realistically hard to organise due to the distance (Sydney and Brisbane are a good 11 hours apart!) and uncertainty of the number of attendees.  It was only after their trip to Sydney for the first Showcased event at the end of 2012 that they realised this idea had the potential to come into fruition the way they had imagined.  Come 2013, and Halfway Hangs was born.

Many of us knew Streetkarnage by name and their crew members and cars through Facebook and forums, but not having met in person before.  Once details about Halfway Hangs were released, we knew it was an event not to be missed, and thankfully with Streetkarnage’s early organisation for the event, most of us were able to take the time off required to make the trek up to Valla Beach for a foreseeable epic weekend.

We decided to roll down on the Friday morning, leaving Sydney early so we’ll arrive at Valla Beach just as the Show and Shine starts.

It isn’t a House of Stance weekend without a beer bong. Or two.

The trip was easy enough, though we did get caught behind a HWP just outside Hornsby who decided to slow down to 80km/h on the freeway.  No way were we gonna risk overtaking him.

We ended up arriving at Valla Beach just a little past 1pm, and all the cars at the Show and Shine were already parked up with people mingling.  We stationed ourselves in the middle of the grassy area, as most of the up front spots were taken already.

Raymond’s A3 with his newly refurbished Enkei K76 wheels.

Our initial impressions of the event was that it was such a chilled out atmosphere; it was like everyone was in their own backyards relaxing in their chairs, stubby in hand.  We couldn’t resist ourselves and cracked open some iced up Coronas before we even parked up.

The cars on display were wildly different to what we’re used to, with a large majority being drift cars, cars that were used and abused, cars that were built for a specific purpose with no holding back.

We were big fans of Charlie’s mean green bake machine.

One of the many Streetkarnage-featured cars that we were excited to see.

One of the cleanest 180SX we’ve seen. We want!

This was probably the biggest surprise for us; a RWD-converted Forester. Did some wicked skids!

Now to some more familiar territory!

Aaron’s E30. We loved some of the small touches, like the speedhole handles.

RAW Works helped out with some lips at the last minute; looks like Aaron got it all done without issues!

Byza’s Mini on red-capped OZ Futuras. Deceivingly low!

Nelson’s E46 was one of our highly anticipated cars to see. Amazing in the flesh!

Jackson’s E36 was perfection in many of our eyes. And this wasn’t even his final wheel setup!

Alex’s E36 on rare EasyRider wheels. Can’t say we’ve seen another set before.

Lincoln and his S13 made the journey from Canberra!

The All Stars crew came up with their HSV and their recent acquisition, the ex-Streetkarnage V35.

There were a few cool old school cars, like Marvis’ MZ10 sporting a 1JZGTE.

Newly refurbished BBS RS on Stathi’s Mk3 Golf, with help from RAW Works.

Zenkis were a popular choice with the Queenslanders, something in contrast with the abundance of Koukis that come out to meets in Sydney.

Charlie had a bit of trouble getting off the grassed platform!

Meanwhile a car limbo had started, with many frame-hitting drift machines giving it a go with a bit of spectator help.

It was hard to differentiate when the Show and Shine had ended and when the night festivities were going to begin, as the cars we had just seen parked up in the common grass area had only moved nearby to their respective cabins.

Lincoln’s S13 on award-winning wheels from the Gigliato Aerosa concept car, commissioned by Enkei!

We spotted this Forester STI at a nearby cabin!

As the Show and Shine concluded, stomachs were filled with fast food and beer bongs with alcohol.  New friends were made, Spirytus was dusted off and snores were recorded.  No photos were taken of the night festivities as even our main photographer Justin got involved!  No worries though, no beer bong was spilled 🙂

The drift day (part two) of Halfway Hangs to come soon!