WTAC 2013 Part 2 – On the track

Written by Raymond Chan and Justin Sung
Photography by Justin Sung

World Time Attack Challenge 2013 was yet another success this year at Eastern Creek with lots of action both on and off the track.  There were plenty of competitors out on the track, filling the air around the track with burnt fuel and freshly worn tyres.  Seeing some of the heavily aero-ed time attack cars (especially from the Pro and Pro-Am classes) made us remember why we love to see big wings and splitters, and it only made it even more cool see them used exactly for what they were designed to do, lugging these lightweight rockets through corners under physics-defying G forces.

With a record-breaking lap of 1:24.855 by Pro Class team Tilton Interior, their Evo 9 (piloted by Garth Walden) took out the top spot of the day, blowing its competitors out of the water.  Coming in at second, clocking a 1:27.367 was MCA Suspension’s S13 which was still 2.5 seconds behind the Tilton Evo, giving context as to how far of a lead the Evo 9 pulled.

Tilton Interior’s Evo 9.

The great time attack cars of Japanese origin were an amazing sight to see on the track, with the aforementioned in-your-face aero pieces to some of the distinctive vinyl livery and decals they adorn including RE Amemiya’s “Hurricane”.

RE Amimeya RX7 driven by “Nob” Taniguchi.

The legendary Esprit Honda NSX from Japan with “Tarzan” Yamada behind the wheel.

Top Fuel Honda S2000 also piloted by “Nob” Taniguchi.

Last year’s top dog, Nemo-Racing’s Evo (backed by Auger Torque this year) posted up the 3rd best time this year, but was plagued with overheating problems and so could not come close to its previous year’s 1:25 record.

Auger Torque/Nemo-Racing Evo.

The Open and Clubsprint class had its fair share of exciting competitors too with many local workshops bringing out their projects to test how they fare against other rival workshops.

JDMyard’s DC5R.

Just as exciting as the racing was being able to walk around the pit area absorbing the race atmosphere, seeing how the teams worked and of course, getting up close and personal with some of the personalities behind the cars.

The ever-colourful “Tarzan” Yamada posing for the cameras.

“Under” Suzuki telling us where he wants to sit at the end of the day.

“Nob” Taniguchi alongside his team.

It was phenomenal to see some of the wild time-attack cars just within arm’s reach.  They definitely have a bigger presence compared with when they’re racing around the track on their lonesome.

The pit lanes were always buzzing with activity, and the surroundings made for perfect opportunities to take impromptu photoshoots.

The poster car of all poster cars, the Ferrari F40.

BYP’s S2000

There were plenty of showboating and fun laps happening during intermissions to keep the crowd entertained.  One particular crowd pleaser was Mad Mike’s RX4 sporting a measly 6-rotor engine.  Boy did it buzz around the track!

There were plenty of beautiful promo girls walking around, keeping the spectators entertained while they took a break from checking out cars!

As the two days of racing ended, the afternoon air gave way to a billow of tyre smoke and rev-limiter bashing antics provided by the drifters that came out to play.  These high-powered machines produced some of the most amazing noises as they linked corner to corner in steep-angled drifting.

Mad Mike doing what he does best.

The boys from 3 Fingers Neat had the most eye-catching performance when the sun fell as their recognisable decal lit up behind all the smoke.

We absolutely cannot wait for next year’s WTAC, and it would be an amazing spectacle to see new and former competitors try their hand at breaking the record yet again!