[RAW Works] Project EM1 v2.0

Written by Raymond Chan
Photography by Raymond Chan, Allen Yie & Justin Sung

Hi guys, this is Raymond.  Some of you may know my RAW Works blog; well, I’m happy to announce that I’ll now make new posts under the House of Stance page!  I’ll keep all the old articles in the old blog and won’t migrate them over, as we’re gonna start afresh with this new blog!

Now that the intro is out of the way, you might want to check out this old article of Joshua Nham’s Project EM1 BBS RS build earlier this year, with photos skillfully captured by Allen Yie.  Allen has again kindly allowed me to share his pics through the second build process for this blog entry!

Half a year on, Josh came back to me discussing for a possible upgrade to bigger lips.  With The-Lowdown’s Showcased event looming, a pair of 3.5″ lips were ordered (4.0″ lips were actually preferred but unfortunately would not have been made and shipped on time).  The plan was to reuse everything, except swapping the rears to the fronts and changing out the front 2.5″ for the designated 3.5″ for the rears.

Unfortunately, poor packaging materials caused some damage to the lips, scouring the stepped sections of the polished lip:

Not to be phased, Josh made the bold decision to paint the lips to match the current white centres, as repolishing the lips to take the scuffs out would take too long and will be much more difficult.

The old sealant was sliced off with a Stanley (heat was first applied but later I found that a sharp knife is all that is required) and the pieces to be reused (centres, inners and the 3.0″ lips) were cleaned up.  For some odd reason, the spiked bolts that Josh ordered had started corroding, with some bolts showing visible rust spots around the head of the bolt.  I know that I always torque the nut end and because the nuts are anti-twist, the bolt head do not require holding down when the nut is being torqued, so there is no reason for it to have exposed areas of the bolt where tooling may have chipped away some of the (thin) plating.  The only reason I can think of is the corrosive nature of brake dust; perhaps the brake dust was left to linger on the wheels which in turn ate away at the plating of the spiked bolts, revealing rust-prone areas.

Once the bolts were given a good clean, and Josh had the lips matched and painted, assembly commenced.

Corrosion on the spike bolts.

Once again, Tony helped out with the sealant (Sikaflex “Auto” seems to have replaced Sikaflex 227 which I previously used).  He went one step further to pick up a bead smoother (the actual name of the tool escapes my mind) and wow, does it make a difference to the sealing process!

Finished with less than a week to go – all wrapped up for transporting while still curing.

More photos here – http://s25.photobucket.com/user/rayray086/library/RAWWorks/Project%20EM1/v2?sort=3&page=1

Josh managed to get the wheels on and his car finished on time for Showcased.  Here are some photos of it taken by Justin.

Final specs of the wheels are now 15×8.5 ET6 and 15×9 ET0.